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Local Financial Services

As a Trust and Investment Managment company, Personal Trust prides itself on the personal attention and service we give our client’s, enabling us to act as partners in providing professional guidance on the management of all aspects of a clients financial affairs.

Our financial services include:

Investment Services

We offer investments across a full spectrum of asset classes ranging from cash funds through to equity, property and bond funds.

Given that we have a varied range of investment vehicles that cover the full risk spectrum, we are able to create individually tailored and managed investment portfolios that meet our clients’ needs – be it capital preservation, capital growth or annuity income.

Our investment products include retirement funds, preservation funds and structured wrappers.

Fiduciary Services

Personal Trust has a team of professionals who have the qualifications and expertise to offer specialist fiduciary services including:Formation and Administration of Trusts, Drafting and Safe Custody of Wills and Administration of Deceased Estates

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Formation and administration of Trusts

What is a trust? A trust is an arrangement where a person (founder or settler) entrusts assets to the care of another person (trustee) for the benefit of the beneficiaries. Trusts can ben an effective estate planning tool if drafted and administered correctly. They are also useful for preserving assets for the on-going benefit of a family or to protect wealth.

There are two main types of Trust:
  •  A testamentary trust is created in a Will; takes effect on the death of the testator and is governed by the terms set out in the Will.
  • An Inter Vivos Trust is established during the lifetime of the founder. The founding documents is the trust deed.
Some of the advantages of creating a trust include:
  • Useful estate planning tool to minimise taxes such as estate duty
  • Preserving assets for future generations
  • Protecting minors and/or beneficiaries incapable of managing investments
  • Offers flexibility to met changing legal and fiscal legislation
  • Protection of assets against erosion through insolvency
  • At worst, tax neutral for income tax and capital gains tax

At Personal Trust, we are specialists in the formation and administration of trusts and each trust is tailor-made according to your individual circumstances.

Drafting & safe custody of Wills

A valid Will is the most important legacy you can leave your loved ones. It not only shortens the period in which your estate is wound up but, if properly planned and structured, may lead to huge savings in estate duty.

Every person aged sixteen years or more is entitled to draft a Will. It is advisable to execute a Will as the laws of intestate succession are onerous and could result in unintended consequences. Your circumstances are likely to change substantially during the course of your lifetime. It is therefore essential to regularly review and update your Will to ensure that it accurately reflects your circumstances.

You can minimise the effective rate of tax and estate duty on your estate by ensuring you take advantage of various estate planning tools when drafting your Will.

The Will Act sets out strict guidelines pertaining to the validity of Wills. It is therefore essential that you consult an industry expert when drafting a Will to ensure that due consideration is given to all aspects of estate planning.

Should you wish to review or draft a new Will, Personal Trust will arrange a consultation with you to ensure your Will is tailor-made according to your unique requirements.

Administration of deceased estates

Personal Trust can be nominated as the professional executor in terms of your Will to ensure that your estate is wound up efficiently. Our commitment to personal service ensures that our team remains mindful of the sensitivities of the bereaved whilst performing the role of executor professionally and in accordance with the last Will of the deceased.

Finalising an estate can take a minimum of a year depending on the size of the estate and the circumstances surrounding the deceased’s financial affairs. Personal Trust will, however, make every effort to distribute the assets to the heir(s) at the earliest opportunity.

Personal Trust is a registered Trust Company and is a member of the Fiduciary Institute of Southern Africa.


Regardless of your age or your stage in life, it is never too early to think about retirement.  A focused and appropriate financial plan is a critical first step in ensuring your short and long-term financial goals are in line with your life plan. And as your financial priorities change during the course of your life, we will review and adjust our recommendations accordingly.

One of our core business skills is managing retirement assets. We have a history in preserving retirement capital in addition to concentrating on financial, estate and retirement planning.

Our range of investment vehicles includes retirement funds, preservation funds and structured wrappers.

You can either save for retirement in a tax-efficient manner with a Retirement Annuity Fund, preserve your existing retirement savings using a Preservation Fund or manage your retirement income with a Living Annuity.

Money Market facility

Our Money Market facility offers clients access to short and long-term deposits at above-average interest rates which are not available from conventional financial institutions while enjoying the enhanced security offered by a nominee company.

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Best possible rates

Our money market book is of an order of magnitude able to attract higher interest rates than those available to individuals over the counter from any of the major banks.

Product choices

We offer a full range of short to long term money market investments

Investment security

All investments are dealt with on an agency basis by Personal Trust Nominees (Pty) Ltd. and are protected by the provisions of the Financial Institutions Act.

Minimum investment

For as little as R10 000 you can enjoy large volume syndicated rates. You don’t have to be an existing Personal Trust client, nor are you obliged to use any of our other services.

Tax Services

We are able to help all our clients with general tax planning, annual and provisional tax returns and all transactions with the South African Revenue Services.

Need more information?

Contact us to discuss your individual circumstances.

Need more information?

Contact us to discuss your individual circumstances.