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Our Value Proposition

To provide personal, professional investment management, financial planning and ancillary financial services to our clients and their families:

Personal service and trusted relationships

  • Build long term, personal relationships of trust and care with our clients and their families to ensure their, and future generations, financial security and well-being.
  • Provide excellent, ‘old fashioned’ personal and caring service to our clients on an ongoing basis.
  • Provide care and support to clients in difficult family situations through our social wellness initiative.

Holistic financial planning

  • Provide holistic management of client affairs under one roof – Investment Management, Financial and Estate planning, Tax, Wills, Trustee services and Administration of deceased estates.
  • Deal with one Trust Officer who manages all elements of clients’ affairs within Personal Trust.
  • Gain a detailed and thorough understanding of our clients’ financial needs and family set-up, ensuring all-encompassing advice on investments and estate planning.
  • Determine clear and understandable financial and investment goals, and develop portfolios and a financial plan as a roadmap to achieving these goals.

Investment Performance & Risk

  • Protect and grow clients’ capital over the long term based on their investment mandate and agreed risk profile.
  • Target consistent and competitive investment performance through an experienced investment team and a robust investment decision making process.
  • Provide cost effective investment solutions through our in-house asset management offering.

Ease of administration

  • Provide cash management and other admin services to clients who are less able to manage these aspects of their own affairs.

Investment behaviour and discipline

  • Instil financial discipline and encourage clients to improve their financial behaviour through close relationships and ongoing monitoring and review of their portfolio and financial plan
  • Improve the clients’ investment decisions by understanding the behavioural and emotional biases of investing. Emotional and irrational decisions are the largest destroyer of investor value.

At Personal Trust, we’re approachable as friends and trustworthy as professionals.

At Personal Trust, we’re approachable as friends and trustworthy as professionals.