To overcome the prohibitive costs required to set up and administer one’s own small charitable trust, Personal Trust has established a single trust, The Personal Trust Charitable Foundation to assist clients in longer-term giving.


Clients can either make provision for bequests in their Wills or can build up a fund during their lifetime through regular or ad-hoc contributions
Funds invested through the Foundation will be administered under separate portfolios in accordance with the wishes of the individual donors
The income generated from the individual portfolios will then be used to support charities, religious or educational bodies of the donor’s choice, both during their lifetime and after
Both income and capital can be used, depending on the donor’s wishes

Clients are able to realise the pleasure of giving without being constrained by costs or tax implications – no income tax on income earned or capital gains tax on gains made by the trust.

Any tax saving made as a result of the use of the Foundation can translate into further funds available for distribution.

The Foundation has been registered for Income Tax purposes as a Public Benefit Organisation and for Section 18(A) purposes therefore donations and bequests are free of donations tax and estate duty and any donation is also deductible for income tax (up to a maximum of 10% of taxable income)
Contact Gavin Ashwell on should you be interested in donating or bequeathing funds to the Foundation.