Sep 9, 2021 | General Financial Planning News

Renette Hendriks, Director (Fiduciary Department) reminds us of this initiative and the importance of a well-planned Will.

National Wills Week, which runs annually from 13 to 17 September, is aimed at creating awareness around the importance of having a legally valid Will and to remind us to update our existing Wills to ensure it is still in line with our wishes and current legislation.

A valid Will is the most important legacy you can leave your loved ones. It not only shortens the period in which your estate is wound up but, if properly planned and structured, it can lead to substantial estate duty savings. The Wills Act, Act 7 of 1953, sets out strict guidelines pertaining to the validity of Wills by determining who may execute a Will, who may sign as a witness, how a Will should be amended and the formal requirements that need to be adhered to. It is thus important to seek professional guidance when drafting, amending and signing your Will.

Our Trust Officers, together with our specialised Fiduciary Department comprising of myself, four experienced Estates Administrators and their equally competent assistants, are there to assist our clients with the planning and drafting of Wills and the winding up of Estates.

We urge you take this opportunity to ensure that you and your family members have valid, well-planned Wills in line with your personal needs and that you have appointed an Executor that will give effect thereto in a timeous and professional manner.